Liber Aleph



De Sua Virtute[1]

What then shall I do therein? For the Scarlet Woman adjureth me by the great Name of God ithuphallos that I deal with the Other Woman as with any Woman, according to my Will. But this I fear for that she is not as any Woman, and I deem her to be the Vampire of this Ordeal. Now then? Shall I fear? Said I not long since, when I was called of Men Eliphaz Levi Zahed, that the Error of Oedipus was that he should have tamed the Sphinx, and ridden her into Thebes? Shall I not take this Vampire, if she be such, and master her and turn her to the Great End? "Am I such a Man as should flee?" Is not all Fear the Word of Failure? Shall I distrust my Destiny? Am I that am the Word of the Aeon of so little avail that even the whole Powers of Choronzon can disperse me? Nay, o my Son, there is Courage of Ignorance and Discretion of Knowledge, and by no less Virtue will I win through unto mine End. As it is written: with Courage conquering Fear will I approach thee.

[1] On Her Virtue

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