Liber Aleph



De Aliquibus Modis Oraculi Petendi[1]

My Son, in all Judgment and Decision is great Delicacy, but most in these Matters of the Will. For thou art Advocate as well as Judge, and unless thou have well organized thy Mind thou art Bondslave of Prejudice. For this Cause it is adjuvant to thy Wisdom to call Witnesses that are not of thine own Nature, and to ask Oracles whose Interpretation is bound by fixed rule. This is the Use of the Book Tarot, of the Divination by Earth, or by the other Elements, or by the Book Yi-King, and many another Mode of Truth. Thou knowest by thine Experience that these Arts deceive thee not, save insofar as thou deceivest thyself. So then to thee that art nemo is no Siege Perilous at this Table, but to them that are yet below the Abyss is very notable Danger of Error. Yet must they train themselves constantly in these Modes, for Experience itself shall teach them how their Bias toward their Desires reacteth in the End against themselves, and hindereth them in the Execution of their Wills. Nevertheless, as thou well knowest, the best Mode is the Creation of an Intelligible Image by Virtue of the Mass of the Holy Ghost, declaring the true Will unto thee in Terms of thy Qabalah!

[1] On Certain Methods of Seeking an Oracle

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