Liber Aleph



De Operibus Stellæ Microcosmi Quorum Sunt Quattuor Maiores[1]

O my Son, behold now the Virtue and Mystery of the Silver Star! For of these four Works not one leadeth to the Crown, because Tetragrammaton hath his Root only in Chokmah. So therefore the Formula of the Rosy Cross availeth no more in the Highest. Now then in the Pentagram are two Lines that invoke Spirit, though they lead not thereunto, and they are the Works of Hé with Hé, and of Yod with Vau. Of these twain the former is a Work Magical of the Nature of Music, and it draweth down the Fire of the higher by Seduction or Bewitchment. And the latter is a Work opposite thereunto, whose Effect forumlateth itself by direct Creation in the Sphere of its Purpose and Intent. But there remain yet two of the Eight Works, namely, the straight Aspiration of the Chiah or Creator in thee to the Crown, and the Surrender of the Nephesh or Animal soul to the Possession thereof; and these be the twin principal Formulæ of the Final Attainment, being Archetypes of the Paths of Magick (the one) and Mysticism (the other) unto the End. From each of these Eight Works is derived a separate Mode of practical Use, each after his Kind; and it should be well for thine Instruction if thou study upon these my Words, and found upon them a System. O my Son, forget not therein the Arcanum of their Balance and Proportion; for herein lieth the Mystery of their Holiness.

[1] On the Four Major Operations of the Microcosmic Star

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