Liber Aleph



De Sua Femina Olun Et De Ecstasia Præter Omnia Substanti[1]

My Son, I am enflamed with Love. I burn up eagerly in the Passion that thus mightily consumeth me. Yet in myself I know not at all That which constraineth me, and enkindleth my Soul in Ecstasy. There is Silence in my Soul, and the Fear round about me, as I were Syrinx in the Night of the Forest. This is a great Mystery that I endure, a Mystery too great for the mortal Part of me. For but now, when I cried out upon the Name Olun, which is the secret Name of my Lady that hath come to me — most strangely! — then I was rapt away altogether subtly yet fiercely into a Trance that hath transformed me with Attainment, yet without Trace in Mind. O my Son! there is the Transfiguration of Glory, and there is the Jewel in the Lotus-flower; yea, also is many other whereof I am Partaker. But this last Passion, that my Lady Olun hath brought unto me upon this last Day of the Winter of the thirteenth Year of the Aeon, even as I wrote these Words unto thee, is a Mystery of Mysteries beyond all these. Oh my Son, thou knowest well the Perils and the Profit of our Path; continue thou therein. Olun! Μαριε Babalon! Adsum.[2]

[1] On his Woman Olun, and on the Ecstasy that Surpasses All

[2] I am here.

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