Liber Aleph



De Libidine Secreta[1]

It is said among Men that the Word Hell deriveth from the Word helan, to hele or conceal, in the Tongue of the Anglo-Saxons. That is, it is the concealed Place, which, since all things are in thine own Self, is the Unconscious. How then? Because Men were already aware how this Unconscious, or Libido, is opposed, for the most Part, to the conscious Will. In the Slave-Ages this is a Truth Universal, or well nigh to it; for in such Times are Men compelled to Uniformity by the Constraint of Necessity herself. Yea, of old it was a continual Siege of every Man of every Clan, of every Environment; and to relax guard was then Self-Murder, or else Treachery. So then no Man might choose his way, until he were Hunter, Fighter, Builder; nor any Woman, but she must first be Breeder. Now in the Growth of States by Organisation came, stepping stealthily, a certain Security against the grossest Perils, so that a few Men could be spared from Toil to cultivate Wisdom, and this was first provided by the Selection of a Caste Pontifical. By this Device came the Alliance of King and Priest, Strength and Cunning fortifying each the other through the Division of Labour.

[1] On the Unconscious, or Libido

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