Liber Aleph



De Scientiæ Modo[1]

To the Mind of the Philosophers, therefore, in the Youth of an Age, any variation in Type must appear as a Disaster; yea, Intelligence itself must perforce prove its Value to the Brute in Terms of Brutishness, or he distrusteth and destroyeth it. Not withstanding, as thou knowest, that Variation which is fitted to his Environment is the Salvation of the Species. Only, among Men, his Fellows turn ever upon the Saviour, and rend him, until those who follow him in secret, and it may be unconsciously, prove their Virtue and his Wisdom by their survival when his Persecutors perish in their Folly. But we, being secure against all primary Enemies to the Individual or the common Weal, may, nay, we must, if we would attain the Summit for our Race, devote all spare Leisure, Wealth, and Energy to the creation of Variation from the Norm, and thus by clear Knowledge bought of Experiment and of Experience, move with Eyes well open upon our True Path. So therefore our Law of Thelema is justified also of Biology and of Social Science. It is the True Way of Nature, the Right Strategy in the way of Man with his Environment, and the Life of his Soul.

[1] On the Method of Science

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