Liber Aleph



Apologia Pro Suis Litteris[1]

How then, sayest thou, concerning this my Counsel unto thee? I say Sooth, it is of my Will to bring up this my Wisdom from its Silence into my conscious Mind, that I may the more easily reflect thereon. Thou art but a Pretext for my Action, and a Focus for my Light. Nevertheless heed these my Words, for they shall profit thee, thou being of Age responsible in Judgment, and free in the Law of Thelema. Thus thou mayst read or no, concur or no, as thou wilt. Have I not tutored thee in the Way of the Balance, or of Antithesis, shewing thee the art of Contradiction, whereby thou dost accept no Word save as the Victor in thy Mind over its Opposites, nay more, as the Child Transcendental of a Marriage of Opposites? This Book then shall serve thee but as a Food for thy Meditation, as Wine to excite thy Mind to Love and War. It shall be unto thee as a Chariot to carry thee whither thou wilt; for I have seen in thee Independence and Sobriety of Judgment, with that Faculty (most rare, most noble) to examine freely, neither obsequious nor rebellious to Authority.

[1] An Apology for His Writings

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