Liber Aleph



De Eadem Re Altera Verba[1]

By this Understanding be they rebuked that make a Reproach to our Art, saying in their Insolence that if we have all Power, why are we betimes in Stress of Poverty, and in Contempt of Men, and in Pain of Disease, and so forth, mocking us, and holding our Magick for Delusion. But they behold not our Light, how it guideth us in our Path unto a Goal that is not in their Comprehension, so that we crave not that which seemeth to them the Sole Food and Comfort of Life. Also, this which we attain, though it be the Essence of Omniscience and Omnipotence, informeth and moveth the Material World (so to call it) only according to the Nature of that which is therein. For the Light of the Sun (by His very Wholeness itself) sheweth a Rose Red, but a Leaf Green; and His Heat gathereth the Clouds, and disperseth them also. So I then, though I were perfect in Magick, might not work in Metals as a Smith, or become rich by Commerce as a Merchant; for I have not in my Nature the Engines proper to these Capacities, and therefore it is not of my will to seek to exercise them. Here then is my Case, that I can not because I will not, and it were Conflict, should I turn thither. But let every man become perfect in his own Work, not heeding the Rebuke of another, that some Way not his own is more Noble, or Profitable, but being constant in mindfulness concerning his Business.

[1] Further Words on This

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