Liber Aleph



De Mago Arabico Mohammed[1]

Behold! In these Chapters have I, thy Father, restricted myself, not speaking of any immediate Echo of a Word in the World, because, these Men being long since withdrawn into their Silence, it is their One Word, and that Alone, that resoundeth undiminished through Time. Now Mohammed, who followeth, is darkened and confused by His Nearness to our own Time, so that I say not save with Diffidence that His Word allh may mean this or that. But I am bold concerning His Doctrine of the Unity of God, for God is Man, and he said therefore: Man is One. And His Will was to unite all Men in One Reasonable Faith: to make possible international Co-operation of all Races in Science. Yet, because He arose in the Time of the greatest possible Corruption and Darkness, when every Civilisation and Every Religion had fallen into Ruin, by the malice of the great Sorcerer of Nazareth, as some say, He is still hidden in the Dust of the Simoom, and we may not perceive Him in His true Self of Glory.
Nevertheless, behold, o My Son, this Mystery. His true Word was la allh, that is to say: (there is) No God, and la al is that Mystery of Mysteries which thine own Eye pierced in thine Initiation. And of that Truth have the Illusion and Falsehood enslaved the Souls of Men, as is written in The Book of the Magus.

[1] On the Arabian Magician Mohammed

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