Liber Aleph



De Quibusdam Artibus Magicis[1]

Now of those Operations of Magick by which thou seekest to display unto some other Person the Righteousness of thy Will I make haste to instruct thee. First, if thou have a reasonable Link with him by Word or Letter, it is most natural simply to create in thyself, as I have taught, a Child or Bud-Will, and let that radiate from thee through the Channels aforesaid. But if thou have no Link, the Case is otherwise and is not easy. Here thou mayst make Communication through others, as it were by Relays; or thou mayst act directly upon his Aura by Magical Means, such as the Projection of the Scin-Læca. But unless he be sensitive and well-attuned, thou mayst fare but ill. Yet even in this Case thou mayst attain much Skill by Practice with Intelligence. In the End it is better altogether to work wholly within thine own Universe, slowly and with firm Steps advancing from the Centre, and dealing, one by one, with those unharmonized Parts of the Not-Self which lie close to thee. This therefore closeth the Circle of my Speech, for now I am returned to that which I spake aforetime concerning the general Method of love, and thy Development by that Way.

[1] On Certain Magick Arts

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