The Book of Lies





Thought is the shadow of the eclipse of Luna.


Samadhi is the shadow of the eclipse of Sol.


The moon and the earth are the non-ego and the ego: the Sun is THAT.


Both eclipses are darkness; both are exceeding rare; the Universe itself is Light.


Dragons are in the East supposed to cause eclipses by devouring the luminaries.

There may be some significance in the chapter number, which is that of Jechidah the highest unity of the soul.

In this chapter, the idea is given that all limitation and evil is an exceedingly rare accident; there can be no night in the whole of the Solar System, except in rare spots, where the shadow of a planet is cast by itself. It is a serious misfortune that we happen to live in a tiny corner of the system, where the darkness reaches such a high figure as 50 per cent.

The same is true of moral and spiritual conditions.

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