Two are the methods of becoming God: the Upright and the Averse. Let the Mind become as a flame, or as a well of still water. Of each method are three principal examples given to them that are without the Threshold.
In this first book are written the Reflexions.[1]
There are three contemplations as it were breaths in the human mind, that is the Abyss of Hell: the first is called Νεκρος, the second Πυραμις, and the third Φαλλος. These are the watery reflexions of the three enthusiasms; those of Apollo, Dionysus, and Aphrodite.
The whole star is Nechesh and Messiach, the name אהיה joined with יהוה‎.[2]

[1] "Sunt duo modi per quos homo fit Deus: Tohu et Bohu.
"Mens quasi flamma surgat, aut quasi puteus aquæ quiescat.
"Alteri modi sunt tres exempli, qui illis extra limine collegii sancti dati sunt.
"In hoc primo libro sunt Aquæ Contemplationis."

[2] Sunt tres contemplationes quasi halitus in mente humana abysso inferni. Prima, Νεκρος; secunda, Πυραμις; tertia, Φαλλος vocatur. Et hæ reflexiones aquaticæ sunt trium enthusiasmorum, Apollonis, Dionysi, Veneris.
"Total stella est Nechesh et Messiach, nomen אהיה cum יהוה conjunctum."

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