Liber CDXV


The Eleventh Working

[Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1914 E.V.]
During the day the Brethren were out of harmony, but conquered the feeling of animosity by Will. A full Banquet as ordained being consumed, the Brethren repaired to the Temple; Fra. O.S.V. opened the same at 11 p.m. die Mercurii. To the sight of O.S.V. (during the Versicle) Ammon-Ra appeared in the East, Juppiter Himself filling the Temple. This also appeared as a cone of white light whirling about the Image of the All - One that is upon the Altar of the Elements. After the Versicle Fra. L.T. obtained a message in Angelic to the effect that the gods wish to regain Their dominion upon earth, these Initiated Brethren being as Fiery Arrows shot by Them in Their war against the slave-gods. A Four-fold sacrifice was demanded; and that a sacrifice of cruelty. Therefore did (.../...) and ultimately (He-Pe - Pe-He). The Temple was closed 1.45 A.M. die Joviis, Fra. L.T. still (1.55) lying entranced. The God is now effective. And with a single sacrifice on his Night (early, to close before midnight) will that equilibration of the 4 and the 7 be accomplished. Die Joviis 2 a.m. Frater L.T. says 'tetelestai' (N.B. this is the formula of 7=4 thus making 4 either way, yet 7 in all. And on this third night forming the sacred Tau. During this Working Fra. L.T. again heard the astral bells.
Also concerning the sacrifices it was revealed in the night, during the sleep of exhaustion, to Fra. O.S.V. that the esence of the Operation is the freeing of the elemental spirit of an animal soul. This may be done by death or by complete exhaustion either through pleasure or through pain. In this death-like trance the spirit becomes free to wander, and is united to the invoked God. In the case of death this is permanent, and goes to increase the body of the God on the planet. We should, therefore, when we can, obtain a closed and inviolable precinct, and slay therein victims daily. In the meantime, let one of the Brethren at least be reduced always to exhaustion by wine, and by the infliction of wounds, and by the ceremony itself. And if he utter oracles, let them be not consciously given. And if the true God be duly invoked, they will be divine. And this is the oracle which Juppiter gave unto Fra. O.S.V. in the night, or early morning of his day.
During all this day Fra. L.T. is oveshadowed by Juppiter. The world about him appears a vision of the future. His eyes are dilated; he cannot read; his manner is as one stupefied or entranced.

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