Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli

I await Thee in sleeping, in waking. I invoke Thee no more; for Thou art in me, O Thou who hast made me a beautiful instrument tuned to Thy rapture.
Yet art Thou ever apart, even as I.
I remember a certain holy day in the dusk of the year, in the dusk of the Equinox of Osiris, when first I beheld Thee visibly; when first the dreadful issue was fought out; when the Ibis-headed One charmed away the strife.
I remember Thy first kiss, even as a maiden should. Nor in the dark byways was there another: Thy kisses abide.
There is none other beside Thee in the whole Universe of Love.
My God, I love Thee, O Thou goat with gilded horns!

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