Liber LXX

The Cross of a Frog

Σταυρος Βατραχου
the Ceremonies proper to obtaining
a familiar spirit of a Mercurial
nature as described in the
Apocalypse of St. John the Divine
from a frog or toad


He had crucified a toad
In thee basilisk abode,
Muttering the Runes averse
Mad with many a mocking curse.


In this Ritual the Chief Officer representeth a Snake, because of Mercury. (The proper food of snakes is frogs.) The Mystery of Conception is the catching of the frog in silence, and the affirmation of the Will to perform this ceremony.


The frog being caught is kept all night in an ark or chest; as it is written, ‘Thou didst not abhor the Virgin's Womb’, and this is an omen of good success. Dawn being come, thou shalt approach the chest with an offering of gold, and if available of frankincense and of myrrh. Thou shalt then release the frog from the chest with many acts of homage and place it in apparent liberty. He may, for example, be placed on a quilt of many colours, and covered with a net.


Now take a vessel of water and approach the frog, saying: in the Name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Ghost (here sprinkle water on its head) I baptize thee, O creature of frogs, with water, by the name of Jesus of Nazareth.


During the day thou shalt approach the frog whenever convenient, and speak words of worship. And thou shalt ask it to perform such miracles as thou desirest to be done; and they shall be done according to Thy Will. Also thou shalt promise to the frog an elevation fitting for him; and all this while thou shalt be secretly carving a cross whereon to crucify him.


Night being fallen, thou shalt arrest the frog, and accuse him of blasphemy, sedition and so forth, in these words:
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Lo, Jesus of Nazareth, how thou art taken in my snare. All my life long thou hast plagued me and affronted me. In thy name — with all other free souls in Christendom — I have been tortured in my boyhood; all delights have been forbidden unto me; all that I had has been taken from me, and that which is owed to me they pay not — in thy name. Now, at last, I have thee; the Slave-God is in the power of the Lord of Freedom. Thine hour is come; as I blot thee out from this earth, so surely shall the eclipse pass; and the Light, Life, Love and Liberty be once more the Law of Earth. Give thou place to me, O, Jesus; thine aeon is passed; the Age of Horus is arisen by the Magick of the Master the Beast that is Man; and his number is six hundred and three score and six. Love is the law, love under will.

[A pause.]

I, To Mega Therion [The Great Beast], therefore condemn thee, Jesus the slave-god, to be mocked and spat upon and scourged and then crucified.


This sentence is then executed. After the mocking upon the Cross, say thus:
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. I, the Great Beast, slaying thee, Jesus of Nazareth, the slave-god, under the form of this creature of frogs, do bless this creature in the name of the + Father and of the + Son and of the + Holy Ghost. And I assume unto myself and take into my service the elemental spirit of this frog, to be about me as a lying spirit, to go forth upon the earth as a guardian to me in my Work for Man; that men may speak of my piety and of my gentleness and of all virtues and bring to me love and service and all material things soever where I may stand in need. And this shall be its reward, to stand beside me and hear the truth that I utter, the falsehood whereof shall deceive men. Love is the law, love under will. Then shalt thou stab the frog to the heart with the Dagger of Art, saying: Into my hands I receive thy spirit.


Presently thou shalt take down the frog from the cross and divide it into two parts; the legs shalt thou cook and eat as a sacrament to confirm thy compact with the frog; and the rest shalt thou burn utterly with fire, to consume finally the aeon of the accursed one. So mote it be!
Sun in Cancer
Moon in Aquarius
The Adams Cottage
Near Bristol
New Hampshire

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