The Descriptions of the Seventy-eight Symbols
of this Book T; together with
their meanings.


The Sixteen Court, or Royal Cards

The Four Kings

The Four Kings, or "Figures mounted on steeds," represent the Yodh forces of the Name in each Suit: the Radix, Father and commencement of Material Forces, a force in which all the others are implied, and of which they form the development and completion. A force swift and violent in its action, but whose effect soon passes away, and therefore symbolized by a Figure on a Steed riding swiftly, and clothed in complete Armour.
Therefore is the knowledge of the scale of the King so necessary for the commencement of all magical working.

The Four Queens

are seated upon Thrones; representing the Forces of the He of the Name in each suit; the Mother and bringer-forth of Material Forces: a force which develops and realizes that of the King: a force steady and unshaken, but not rapid, though enduring. It is therefore symbolized by a Figure seated upon a Throne: but also clothed in Armour.

The Four Princes

These Princes are Figures seated in Chariots, and thus borne forward. They represent the Vau Forces of the Name in each suit: the Mighty Son of the King and Queen, who realizes the influence of both scales of Force. A Prince, the son of a King and Queen, yet a Prince of Princes, and a King of Kings: an Emperor whose effect is at once rapid (though not so swift as that of the Queen) and enduring. It is, therefore, symbolized by a Figure borne in a Chariot, and clothed in Armour. Yet is his power vain and illusionary, unless set in Motion by his Father and Mother.

The Four Princesses

are the Knaves of the Tarot Pack; The Four Princesses or figures of Amazons, standing firmly of themselves: neither riding upon Horses, nor seated upon Thrones, nor borne in Chariots. They represent the forces of the He final of the Name in each suit, completing the Influences of the other scales: The mighty and potent daughter of a King and Queen: a Princess powerful and terrible: a Queen of Queens — an Empress — whose effect combines those of the King, Queen, and Prince, at once violent and permanent; therefore symbolized by a Figure standing firmly by itself, only partially draped, and having but little Armour; yet her power existeth not, save by reason of the others: and then indeed it is mighty and terrible materially, and is the Throne of the Forces of the Spirit.
Woe unto whomsoever shall make war upon her, when thus established!

The Spheres of Influence of the
Court Cards of the Tarot Pack

The Princesses rule the Four Parts of the Celestial Heavens which lie around the north Pole, and above the respective Cherubic Signs of the Zodiac, and they form the Thrones of the Powers of the Four Aces.
The twelve cards, the Four Kings, Queens and Princes rule the dominion of the Celestial Heavens, between the realm of the Four Princesses and the Zodiac, as is hereafter shewn. And they, as it were, link together the signs.

The Lord of the Flame and the Lightning;
The King of the Spirits of Fire

Knight[1] of Wands

A Winged Warrior riding upon a black horse with flaming mane and tail: the horse itself is not winged. The rider wears a winged helmet (like the old Scandinavian and Gaulish helmet) with a Rayed Crown, a corslet of scale-mail and buskins of the same, and a flowing scarlet mantle. Above his helmet, upon his curass, and on the shoulder-pieces and buskins, he wears as a crest a winged black horse's head. He grasps a club with flaming ends, somewhat similar to that in the symbol of the Ace of Wands, but not so heavy, and also the sigil of his scale is shown; beneath the rushing feet of his steed are waving flames and fire. He is active — generous — fierce — sudden — impetuous.
If ill dignified, he is evil-minded — cruel — bigoted — brutal. He rules the celestial heavens from above the Twentieth Degree of Scorpio to the First Two Decans of Sagittarius: and this includes a part of the Constellation Hercules. (Hercules is always represented with a Club.)

Fire of Fire
King of the Salamanders.

The Queen of the Thrones of Flame

Queen of Wands

A crowned queen with long red-golden hair, seated upon a Throne, with steady flames beneath. She wears a corslet and buskins of scale-mail, which latter her robe discloses. Her arms are almost bare. On cuirass and buskins are leopard's heads winged, and the same symbol surmounteth her crown. At her side is a couchant leopard on which her hands rest. She bears a long wand with a very heavy conical head. The face is beautiful and resolute.
Adaptability, steady force applied to an object, steady rule, great attractive power, power of command, yet liked notwithstanding. Kind and generous when not opposed.
If ill dignified, obstinate, revengeful, domineering, tyrannical, and apt to turn against another without a cause.
She rules the heavens from above the last Decan of Pisces to above the 20 Degree of Aries: including thus a part of Andromeda.

Water of Fire
Queen of the Salamanders.

The Prince of the Chariot of Fire

King of Wands

A Kingly Figure with a golden, winged crown, seated on a chariot. He has large white wings. One wheel of his chariot is shewn. He wears corslet and buskins of scale armour decorated with a winged lion's head, which symbol also surmounts his crown. His chariot is drawn by a lion. His arms are bare, save for the shoulder-pieces of the corslet, and he bears a torch or fire-wand, somewhat similar to that of the Zelator Adeptus Minor. Beneath the chariot are flames, some waved, some salient.
Swift, strong, hasty; rather violent, yet just and generous; noble and scorning meanness.
If ill dignified — cruel, intolerant, prejudiced and ill natured.
He rules the heavens from above the last Decan of Cancer to the second Decan of Leo; hence he includes most of Leo Minor.

Air of Fire
Prince and Emperor of Salamanders.

The Princess of the Shining Flame
The Rose of the Palace of Fire

Knave of Wands

A very strong and beautiful woman with flowing red-gold hair, attired like an Amazon. Her shoulders, arms, bosom and knees are bare. She wears a short kilt reaching to the knee. Round her waist is a broad belt of scale-mail; narrow at the sides; broader in front and back; and having a winged tiger's head in front. She wears a Corinthian-shaped helmet and crown with a long plume. It also is surmounted by a tiger's head, and the same symbol forms the buckle of her scale-mail buskins. A mantle lined with tiger's skin falls back from her shoulders. Her right hand rests on a small golden or brazen altar ornamented with ram's heads and with Flames of Fire leaping from it. Her left hand leans on a long and heavy club, swelling at the lower end, where the sigil is placed; and it has flames of fire leaping from it the whole way down; but the flames are ascending. This club or torch is much longer than that carried by the King or Queen. Beneath her firmly placed feet are leaping Flames of Fire.
Brilliance, courage, beauty, force, sudden in anger or love, desire of power, enthusiasm, revenge.
If ill dignified, she is superficial, theatrical, cruel, unstable, domineering.
She rules the heavens over one quadrant of the portion around the North Pole.

Earth of Fire
Princess and Empress of the Salamanders.
Throne of the Ace of Wands.

The Lord of the Waves and the Water;
The King of the Hosts of the Sea

Knight of Cups

A beautiful, winged, youthful Warrior with flying hair, riding upon a white horse, which latter is not winged. His general equipment is similar to that of the Knight of Wands, but upon his helmet, cuirass and buskins is a peacock with opened wings. He holds a cup in his hand, bearing the sigil of the scale. Beneath his horse's feet is the sea. From the cup issues a crab.
Graceful, poetic, Venusian, indolent, but enthusiastic if roused.
Ill dignified, he is sensual, idle and untruthful.
He rules the heavens from above 20 Degree of Aquarius to 20 Degree of Pisces, thus including the greater part of Pegasus.

Fire of Water
King of Undines and Nymphs.

The Queen of the Thrones of the Waters

Queen of Cups

A very beautiful fair woman like a crowned Queen, seated upon a throne, beneath which is flowing water wherein Lotuses are seen. Her general dress is similar to that of the Queen of Wands, but upon her crown, cuirass and buskins is seen an Ibis with opened wings, and beside her is the same bird, whereon her hand rests. She holds a cup, wherefrom a crayfish issues. Her face is dreamy. She holds a lotus in the hand upon the Ibis.
She is imaginative, poetic, kind, yet not willing to take much trouble for another. Coquettish, good-natured and underneath a dreamy appearance.
Imagination stronger than feeling. Very much affected by other influences, and therefore more dependent upon dignity than most symbols.
She rules from 20 Degree Gemini to 20 Degree Cancer.

Water of Water
Queen of Nymphs or Undines.

The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters

King of Cups

A Winged Kingly Figure with winged crown seated in a chariot drawn by an eagle. On the wheel is the symbol of a scorpion. The eagle is borne as a crest on his crown, cuirass and buskins. General attire like King of Wands. Beneath his chariot is the calm and stagnant water of a lake. His armour resembles feathers more than scales. He holds in one hand a lotus, and in the other a cup, charged with the sigil of his scale. A serpent issues from the cup, and has its head tending down to the waters of the lake. He is subtle, violent, crafty and artistic; a fierce nature with calm exterior. Powerful for good or evil but more attracted by the evil if allied with apparent Power or Wisdom.
If ill dignified, he is intensely evil and merciless.
He rules from 20 Degree Libra to 20 Degree Scorpio.

Air of Water
Prince and Emperor of Nymphs or Undines.

The Princess of the Waters
The Lotus of the Palace of the Floods

Knave of Cups

A beautiful Amazon-like figure, softer in nature than the Princess of Wands. Her attire is similar. She stands on a sea with foaming spray. Away to her right a Dolphin. She wears as a crest a swan with opening wings. She bears in one hand a lotus, and in the other an open cup from which a turtle issues. Her mantle is lined with swansdown, and is of thin floating material.
Sweetness, poetry, gentleness and kindness. Imaginative, dreamy, at times indolent, yet courageous if roused.
When ill dignified she is selfish and luxurious.
She rules a quadrant of the heavens around Kether.

Earth of Water
Princess and Empress of the Nymphs or Undines
Throne of the Ace of Cups.

The Lord of the Winds and the Breezes;
The King of the Spirits of Air

Knight of Swords

A Winged Warrior with crowned Winged Helmet, mounted upon a brown steed. His general equipment is as that of the Knight of Wands, but he wears as a crest a winged six-pointed star, similar to those represented on the heads of Castor and Pollux the Dioscuri, the twins Gemini (a part of which constellation is included in his rule). He holds a drawn sword with the sigil of his scale upon its pommel. Beneath his horse's feet are dark-driving stratus clouds.
He is active, clever, subtle, fierce, delicate, courageous, skilful, but inclined to domineer. Also to overvalue small things, unless well dignified.
If ill dignified, deceitful, tyrannical and crafty.
Rules from 20 Degree Taurus to 20 Degree Gemini.

Fire of Air
King of the Sylphs and Sylphides.

The Queen of the Thrones of Air

Queen of Swords

A graceful woman with wavy, curling hair, like a Queen seated upon a Throne and crowned. Beneath the Throne are grey cumulus clouds. Her general attire is as that of the Queen of Wands, but she wears as a crest a winged child's head. A drawn sword in one hand, and in the other a large, bearded, newly severed head of a man.
Intensely perceptive, keen observation, subtle, quick and confident: often persevering, accurate in superficial things, graceful, fond of dancing and balancing.
If ill dignified, cruel, sly, deceitful, unreliable, though with a good exterior.
Rules from 20 Degree Virgo to 20 Degree Libra.

Water of Air
Queen of the Sylphs and Sylphides.

The Prince of the Chariot of the Winds

King of Swords

A Winged King with Winged Crown, seated in a chariot drawn by Arch Fays, represented as winged youths very slightly dressed, with butterfly wings: heads encircled by a fillet with a pentagram thereon: and holding wands surmounted by pentagrams, the same butterfly wings on their feet and fillets. General equipment as the King of Wands: but he bears as a crest a winged angelic head with a pentagram on the brows. Beneath the chariot are grey nimbus clouds. His hair long and waving in serpentine whirls, and whorl figures compose the scales of his armour. A drawn sword in one hand; a sickle in the other. With the sword he rules, with the sickle he slays.
Full of ideas and thoughts and designs, distrustful, suspicious, firm in friendship and enmity; careful, observant, slow, over-cautious, symbolizes Α and Ω; he slays as fast as he creates.
If ill dignified: harsh, malicious, plotting; obstinate, yet hesitating; unreliable.
Rules from 20 Degree Capricorn to 20 Degree Aquarius.

Air of Air
Prince and Emperor of the Sylphs and Sylphides.

The Princess of the Rushing Winds
The Lotus of the Palace of Air

Knave of Swords

An amazon figure with waving hair, slighter than the Rose of the Palace of Fire. Her attire is similar. The Feet seem springy, giving the idea of swiftness. Weight changing from one foot to another and body swinging around. She is a mixture of Minerva and Diana: her mantle resembles the Ægis of Minerva. She wears as a crest the head of the Medusa with serpent hair. She holds a sword in one hand; and the other rests upon a small silver altar with grey smoke (no fire) ascending from it. Beneath her feet are white clouds.
Wisdom, strength, acuteness; subtlety in material things: grace and dexterity.
If ill dignified, she is frivolous and cunning.
She rules a quadrant of the heavens around Kether.

Earth of Air
Princess and Empress of the Sylphs and Sylphides.
Throne of the Ace of Wands.

The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land;
The King of the Spirits of Earth

Knight of Pentacles

A dark Winged Warrior with winged and crowned helmet: mounted on a light brown horse. Equipment as the Knight of Wands.
The winged head of a stag or antelope as a crest. Beneath the horse's feet is fertile land with ripened corn. In one hand he bears a sceptre surmounted by a hexagram: in the other a Pentacle like that of the Zelator Adeptus Minor.
Unless very well dignified he is heavy, dull, and material. Laborious, clever, and patient in material matters.
If ill dignified, he is avaricious, grasping, dull, jealous; not very courageous, unless assisted by other symbols.
Rules from above 20 Degree of Leo to 20 Degree of Virgo.

Fire of Earth
King of Gnomes.

The Queen of the Thrones of Earth

Queen of Pentacles

A woman of beautiful face with dark hair; seated upon a throne, beneath which is dark sandy earth. One side of her face is light, the other dark; and her symbolism is best represented in profile. Her attire is similar to that of the Queen of Wands: but she bears a winged goat's head as a crest. A goat is by her side. In one hand she bears a sceptre surmounted by a cube, and in the other an orb of gold.
She is impetuous, kind; timid, rather charming; great-hearted; intelligent, melancholy; truthful, yet of many moods.
If ill dignified she is undecided, capricious, changeable, foolish.
She rules from 20 Degree Sagittarius to 20 Degree Capricorn.

Water of Earth
The Queen of Gnomes.

The Prince of the Chariot of Earth

King of Pentacles

A Winged Kingly Figure seated in a chariot drawn by a bull. He bears as a crest the symbol of the head of the winged bull. Beneath the chariot is land, with many flowers. In the one hand he bears an orb of gold held downwards, and in the other a sceptre surmounted by an orb and cross.
Increase of matter. Increases good or evil, solidifies; practically applies things. Steady; reliable.
If ill dignified he is selfish, animal and material: stupid. In either case slow to anger, but furious if roused.
Rules from 20 Degree Aries to 20 Degree Taurus.

Air of Earth
Prince and Emperor of the Gnomes.

Princess of the Echoing Hills;
Rose of the Palace of Earth

Knave of Pentacles

A strong and beautiful Amazon figure with rich brown hair, standing on grass or flowers. A grove of trees near her. Her form suggests Hebe, Ceres, and Proserpine. She bears a winged ram's head as a crest: and wears a mantle of sheepskin. In one hand she carries a sceptre with a circular disk: in the other a Pentacle similar to that of the Ace of Pentacles.
She is generous, kind, diligent, benevolent, careful, courageous, persevering, pitiful.
If ill dignified she is wasteful and prodigal. She rules over one quadrant of the heavens around the North Pole of the Ecliptic.

Earth of Earth
Princess and Empress of the Gnomes.
Throne of the Ace of Pentacles.

Herein are Resumed the Especial Characteristics of the Four Court Cards of the Suits

KingWinged black horse's head Black horse, waving flames, club, scarlet cloak Red-goldGrey or hazel
QueenLeopard's head, winged Leopard, steady flames, wand with heavy head or end Red-goldBlue or brown
PrinceLion's head, winged Waved and salient flames, fire wand of Zelator Adept YellowBlue-grey
PrincessTiger's head Tiger, leaping flames, gold altar, long club, largest at bottom Red-goldBlue
KingPeacock with opened fan White horse, crab issuing from cup, sea FairBlue
QueenIbis Ibis, crayfish issuing from cup, river Gold-brownBlue
PrinceEagle Scorpion, eagle; serpent issuing from cup, lake BrownGrey or brown
PrincessSwan Dolphin lotus, sea with spray, turtle from cup BrownBlue or brown
KingWinged hexagram Winged brown horse, driving clouds, drawn sword Dark-brownDark
QueenWinged child's head Head of man severed, cumulus clouds, drawn sword Light-brownGrey
PrinceWinged Angel's head Arch fairies winged, whirling hair, nimbi, drawn sword and sickle DarkDark
PrincessMedusa's head Silver altar, smoke, clouds, drawn sword Light-brownBlue
KingWinged stag's head Light-brown horse, ripe cornland, sceptre with hexagram, pentacle as Zelator Adept DarkDark
QueenWinged goat's head Barren land, fan, light one side only, sceptre with cube, orb of gold DarkDark
PrinceWinged bull's head Flowery land, bull, sceptre with orb and cross, orb held downwards Dark-brownDark
PrincessWinged ram's head Grass, flowers, grove of trees, sceptre with disk, pentacle like that in ace Rich brownDark

[1] Note that the Kings are now called Knights, and the Princes are now called Kings. This is unfortunate, and leads to confusion; the Princes may be called Emperors without harm. Remember only that the horsed figures refer to the Yod of Tetragrammaton, the charioted figures to the Vau.

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